Hey loves!
My name is Angiee, formally known as Angelica!
Welcome to FLUTTER & LOVE!
Here is a little bit about me and my journey starting F&L. 
I was born and raised right outside of Boise, ID. Growing up I always looked up to my dad for having his own company and I knew in my heart, one day I would too. Growing up I was always self conscious. I didn't even start wearing makeup until junior year of high school and it wasn't until senior year when I discovered lashes. I loved how I can just throw on a pair of lashes and feel so put together and beautiful and that is when my self confidence started to flourish! 
I went to college for criminal justice and changed it to business, and ended up dropping out before my two year mark. Please stay in school kids! I jumped around from job to job, not liking anything. I ended up getting my Real Estate License! That was my first taste of owning a business and I loved the feeling of working for myself. Unfortunately my career in Real Estate was cut short, but for a good reason. I was offered an amazing opportunity to temporarily move to East Tennessee, where I now reside. I love my job here and this opportunity has given me so much time on my hands, that I never had before. That is when I came up with the idea of creating my own lash brand!
I wanted to create lash styles that are versatile and I'm hoping to one day have enough lash styles to fit every type of eye! My main focus was affordability, and lash comfort. My lash bands are extremely comfortable/flexible and the lashes are light as feathers. They are reusable up to 15x or more, depending on how well you take care of them. This is a dream come true for me and I couldn't do this without your support! I hope you love these lashes as much as I do, I look forward to seeing you wear them!
xoxo ang